5-year combined B.S. & M.S. degree in Engineering Sciences with NJIT

The New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (NJCSTM) offers an exciting opportunity for students wishing to pursue careers in engineering science.  Kean University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) have partnered to offer the Engineering Science Scholars Program to highly qualified undergraduate students. Students in this program who meet all the requirements while in college are awarded the B.S. in Science & Technology/Engineering Science degree from NJCSTM at Kean University then complete their Master’s degree in The College of Engineering at NJIT.  The program will enable full-time students to earn both the Bachelor and Master degrees in as rapidly as five years.
The Engineering Science option in NJCSTM is a four year bachelor’s degree focusing on the scientific basis for modern engineering, with coursework in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science as well as specialized engineering coursework. Certain engineering coursework, selected with the advisement of both Kean NJCSTM and NJIT faculty advisors, is taken at NJIT and counts toward both the Kean bachelor’s degree and the NJIT master’s degree. Students who have successfully completed all program requirements matriculate directly into the Master’s program at NJIT.
Available engineering options include specializations in: mechanical, industrial, electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical and civil engineering (including structural, construction & transportation).
Minimum Requirements for Admission to the Engineering Scholars Program:

  • U.S. high school senior
  • Combined minimum SAT math and critical reading score of 1200 (550 minimum in math subsection) or rSAT score of 1270 (SAT scores achieved during or after March 2016)
  • Minimum 3.25 high school unweighted grade point average (GPA)
  • Satisfactorily passed (or in progress) the following high school prerequisite courses:
    (4) years of mathematics including precalculus; (4) years of English; (4) years of science
    Interviews when requested by the NJCSTM Admissions Committee

Program Expectations

Offer of admission to Kean University’s NJCSTM for the B.S. Science & Technology / Engineering Science Option with conditional admittance to the NJIT M.S. Engineering program is contingent on successful adherence to the following criteria while in undergraduate studies. Lack of adherence to these criteria negates the candidate’s eligibility to matriculate into NJIT for the master’s studies. Full matriculation into NJIT for the master’s degree is contingent on: the earned degree B.S. Science & Technology / Engineering Science Option from Kean University; Kean undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher; minimum grade of C in no more than two academic major required courses, including the NJIT courses taken as a non-matriculated NJIT student toward the Kean bachelor’s degree and subject to approval of NJCSTM advisor and relevant NJIT program advisor; completion of the GRE General Exam; endorsement by the NJCSTM Admissions Committee; and submission of the NJIT master’s degree application with application fee by end of college junior year.
When applying for the NJCSTM program in Engineering Sciences, use the following code on the undergraduate application (Application deadline – March 1st):

  • Science and Technology/ Engineering Science with NJIT

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.