The Kean Regional Pollen Count Station

Kean University Regional Pollen Counting Station at NJCSTM

Mobile App for Pollen Allergy Victor
Pollen App NJCSTM

Victor Jacobsen ’18 (center) shows off working prototype of the Pollen Count & Alert app to Leonard Bielory, M.D., CEO, StarRx Technology Center, LLC and member of NJCSTM Scientific Advisory Board (right) and David Joiner, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computational Mathematics & Physics (left).

NJCSTM, in collaboration with Leonard Bielory, M.D. of StarRx Allergy & Asthma Clinic, LLC, in Springfield NJ, has established Regional Pollen Counting Station on the Kean University campus. The station which is operated by students under the supervision of Nan Perigo (NJCSTM Facilities Manager) and Dr. Marshall Hayes (Lecturer & RFI Coordinator) collects, counts, identifies and reports daily pollen counts for trees, grasses, weeds and mold spores throughout the pollen season (March through October). The pollen data obtained from a collection device located on the roof of the STEM building is uploaded to StarRx’s data base and transmitted to android and iOS mobile phones and tablets via the AccuPollen Allergy Tracker™ App.

The app was built by Victor Jacobsen ’18 under the mentorship of David Joiner, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computational Mathematics & Physics, NJCSTM, through a paid internship sponsored by StarRx and the NJ State DOE. Students and faculty may download the app free of charge.