Students admitted into the 5-Year BS/MS programs in NJCSTM are considered for 2 year merit-based scholarships at the time of their application.

Scholarships are awarded based on math/verbal SAT combined scores as below:

1360 and above (rSAT*)

1300 and above (SAT*)

100% in-state tuition scholarship

1270 to 1359 (rSAT)

1200 to 1299 (SAT)

75% in-state tuition scholarship

1170 to 1269 (rSAT)

1100 to 1199 (SAT)

50% in-state tuition scholarship

* The rSAT score includes any SAT scores achieved during or after March 2016. SAT score criteria include critical reading (verbal) and mathematics only. The writing/essay score is not considered in the total at this time. Composite scores may be used for scholarship consideration.

Did You Know?

More than 90% of applicants to NJCSTM have received some form of Scholarship or Aid. Don’t wait. Choose NJCSTM.

The above listed scholarships are contingent on the student maintaining a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average (unweighted) while in years one (Freshmen) and two (Sophomore) of the NJCSTM five year program.

At the end of the sophomore year, students that declare the education track (Chemistry/Biology/Mathematics), leading to a master’s degree in teaching and New Jersey teacher certification, may be eligible for an additional three years of 100% in-state tuition scholarships provided they maintain satisfactory academic performance (3.0 or higher cumulative GPA) and agree to teach in New Jersey schools for three years upon completion of the program.

Students declaring the research track (Biotechnology/Molecular Biology or Computational Science), are eligible for 50% in-state tuition scholarships for years 3, 4 & 5.

For more information about the STEM degrees offered by NJCSTM, visit our programs page.