What is Africana Studies?

Africana Studies is a form and process of education which focuses academic attention upon the history, culture, environment, philosophies, aspirations and achievements in time and space of people of Afiican descent throughout the world from an Afrocentric perspective. Variably known as Black Studies, AfroAmerican Studies, African American Studies, Africana Studies is a body of knowledge composed of all of the traditional disciplines as they relate to continental Africans, African-Americans, African-Caribbeans, African-Europeans and people of African heritage in Australia, South America, and the islands of the seas. Africana Studies courses are designed to present issues, trends, personalities, concepts, ideas, and ideologies basic to an understanding of the interdisciplinary Field of Africana Studies.

Specific Aims and Objectives of Africana Studies

A specific aim and objective of this interdisciplinary field of study is to help students broaden their knowledge of the world-wide human experience by presenting an aspect of that experience-the Black Experience-which has traditionally been neglected or distorted by educational institutions, Additionally, this course of study strives to introduce an Afro-centric perspective including phenomena related to the culture.

Why is Africana Studies Important?

Africana Studies provides the student with a unique opportunity to apply the study of the history, sciences, economics, music, psychology, and education of African people as a practical force for social change in areas such as race-relations, politics, law and economics. These areas are important to career choices as well as to the enrichment of the quality of one’s life.

This Afrocentric look at key issues and trends in the African World Experience will be both topical and historical because this course of study will have to answer some current questions by looking at their historical background and evolution. In the process of this approach to the culture history of people of African descent, it is hoped that students will take another look at American history, African history, and world history in general.

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