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Loaner Program 

Our services include a loaner program in which we provide laptops, projectors, camcorders, a/v cables, and more for faculty use on a daily basis. All loans are subject to availability.

The AVT loaner program currently has laptops, projectors, camcorders, and VGA cables available for faculty and staff use. We are proud to say that our loaner program is growing and as more equipment becomes available, it will be added to our list.

All equipment is loaned on a first-come first-serve basis. Equipment must be returned the same day it is picked up. No exceptions! Based upon need, each device has a specified checkout time-limit.


You have to come to AVT office (H-110) to loan the equipment.

Faculty Training : 

AVT also provides faculty training for utilizing equipped classrooms. Training is provided either on a one-on-one basis (referred to as "lite" training) or in a group setting. Lite training is scheduled through our office with at least 24 hour notice and based on availability of technicians. Group training announcements are emailed to all faculty and staff at least two weeks prior to scheduled date.

Repairing of A/V equipment : 

AVT is also responsible for repairing all A/V equipment in the classrooms (with the exception of anything PC related). Any A/V equipment malfunction should be reported to our office immediately.