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Bangladesh 1971: Intolerance, Violence and Genocide Seminar Report
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Current status of the Bangladesh Genocide Study Project at Kean
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Bernard Weinstein's Interview published on Samokal ... a leading news paper in Bangladesh
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Arif Rahman's Interview with
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Liberation War Museum Trustee Secretary meets BGSG at Kean
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Upcoming Conference
October 18, 2009 @ Wilkins Theater, Kean University

Announcement of International Conference
Human Rights Institute and Bangladesh Study Group at Kean will host an international seminar highlighting the claims of war crimes, genocide and crime against humanity on Sunday, October 18, 2009.

Objective of the conference
The goal of the conference is to scrutinize the atrocities of 1971 from the observational standpoint of a citizen who identifies with the whole of humankind, free from parochial interests, partisan terms, and cultural biases, rather clarifying common, shared interests.  Supplementary goals emphasize the common human interest in the international protection of human rights together with the interdependent basis that human rights are enjoyed by individuals. The genuine worldwide consensus on the acceptable treatment and perspectives of human beings in the contemporary world is the international bill of human rights.

This conference series will investigate critical issues regarding the atrocities of 1971 with interdisciplinary lenses.  It will present eyewitness accounts of victims, family members and freedom fighters. To understand the violent interactions and institutional practices of the day, consideration will be given to the participation (individual, group, government, nongovernmental), perspectives (demands, identifications, and expectations), situations (geographic, temporal, institutional, and crisis), bases of power (authoritative, controlling), strategies (diplomatic, ideological, economic, military), and outcomes (shaping and sharing values) employed.

This is an unprecedented step as there has been no academic study done on the atrocities that Bangladesh faced during her bloody birth.

Panelists and Speakers
We will publish the BIOs of these internationally acclaimed scholars soon.

Eyewitness Accounts
Just like 2007's conference, we will have eyewitness accounts. We need your participation. If you are a victim of the atrocities that took place in Bangladesh in 1971, and want to share your experience with everyone, please provide us your information by using the form link at the end of this section. Your accounts can be very useful for academic research and resource building. If you are living in North America (especially in the Tri-State area) we would appreciate your direct participation at the conference to share your story live with the audience.
Click here to provide eyewitness accounts information

Admission and Audience
Admission to the conference is free and open to all, but prior registration via online is appreciated.

We need a group of dedicated volunteers to help us organizing this event. Affiliation with Kean University is not a requirement. Volunteers can be geographically apart, since lot of our work can be done online. However, we will need a set of volunteers during the conference day.
Click here to sign up as a volunteer for the conference

We need funding and will gladly accept your donation. All of your donations are tax deductible, and payable to Kean University Foundation.
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for information on how to donate to the cause.

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