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Video Coverage

This Conference was broadcasted live over the internet. According to our data, majority of our viewers online were from North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia. Thanks to Office of Computer & Information Services at Kean for arranging the online broadcast. You can also view all the videos at

Organizers Intro & Thank you notes Eyewitness Accounts Atrocity Panel Suffering Panel Targets Panel Legal Response and Memorialization Panel

Opening Speeches (Video Part 01 - 07) [top]

Organizers introduction and thank you notes to the donors (Video Part 22) [top]

Eyewitness Accounts (Video Part 09 - 15) [top]

Atrocity Panel (Video Part 16- 20) [top]

Suffering Panel (Video Part 22 - 25) [top]

Targets Panel (Video Part 26 -29) [top]

Legal Response and Memorialization Panel (Video Part 30 - 36) [top]


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