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Current Status Report

Bangladesh Genocide Study Project at Kean University


Bangladesh Genocide Study Project at Kean University

Current Status Report

After various discussions with the administration over some time we have come to understand that a member group for the Bangladesh Study Groups needs to be formed. The formation of the group will be governed by a constitution. We have asked expert help to develop the constitution of a genocide study group. The process is underway.

We have started to review some Holocaust and genocide course outlines so that a planned course outline can be developed. We still need a lot of reading and reference materials to strengthen the course outline.

While the process of constitution is underway, we have kept in touch with Bangladesh Liberation war museum and other organizations and individuals to receive important materials. We have collected some books and articles as well. Liberation War Museum shared some of their collected eyewitness stories with us. Thease will be great resources for us and for the university to use as an account of the horror committed by the Pakistani Army. However, all the stories are in bangla. We all have to take responsibility to translate them in English so that these materials can be handed over to library and can be used to toward the course. We have also collected a number of books as well. We also need to have them translated to English. We need volunteers. We need all of your continuing support and effort to make the impossible happen.

We have discussed with Dr. Zia Uddin Sadeq (many times over the phone and a face to face discussion on the 6th) and the Administration about the possibility to organize a oral history collection from within the US. Dr. Weinstein would love to have some oral histories in the university collection. He has done numerous holocaust oral histories. However, due to the fact that it has very a sensitive notion, we proposed that the collection may be done at individual levels with audio or video instead of asking every one to come in one place. We also need volunteers for that and we need all of your cooperation.

We need cooperation form all of you and all the organizations who are working with Bangladesh genocide area to some extent. Obviously this is a large project and it needs cooperation and support from all of you.

We are planning another event in December. Any ideas for the December event are also welcome.

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Arifur Rahman, On Behalf of Bangladesh Study Group at Kean University

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