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The Department of Biological Sciences offers a selective Honors Program that requires a year-long commitment involving two semester courses devoted to research and culminates in a Senior Thesis. The Honors Program has been developed to offer students accepted into the program a way to work independently and to challenge themselves with original research (usually resulting in a lot of work). Students will find the program rewarding by becoming a working scientist and that specializing their research on a specific topic area can be extremely exciting and fulfilling.

How is an Honors Thesis evaluated?

The quality of each student's thesis work will be evaluated by the Department faculty in several ways:

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Who can apply?

Sophomores and Juniors may apply for consideration according to the following departmental criteria:

Course Eligible Students Minimum Completed
Bio Credits
Honors Thesis in Biology I:
Preliminary Proposal and Research
(BIO 4901, 3 cr.)
Sophomores 8 3.5 none
Honors Thesis in Biology II:
Research and Presentation
(BIO 4902, 3 cr.)
Juniors 12 3.5 BIO 4901

The most essential requirements for successful participation in undergraduate research, however, are your engagement, initiative, sense of responsibility, and genuine enthusiasm for the work. While the Honors Program courses (BIO 4901, BIO 4902) are not required courses for any of the Biology options, one of the two courses may be used to satisfy a major elective.

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When should I apply to the Honors Program?

Before applying for the Honors Program, discuss your ideas and interests with all the professors with whom you might like to work. Start this process several weeks before the application deadline. For a list of current faculty research interests, please click here.

There are different timetables for performing the research that leads to a senior thesis. The usual route is to devote your senior year to the project, starting in the fall, working through Winter Break and finishing in the spring. However, students who wish to do a fieldwork-intensive thesis that requires data gathered in the spring and summer should give special consideration to the option of starting a thesis in the spring of their junior year.

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How do I apply?

The application is online. Please keep the following items in mind as you fill out the application:

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Who do I contact for more information?

Dr. Teasdale is the Honors Program Coordinator; you can contact him by email at bteasdal "at" kean.edu, by phone at 908-737-3671, or in person during his office hours in C-137. (For Dr. Teasdale's current office hours, please see the Department's faculty information page.)

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