Being unimportant

Rice has a good sense of the unimportance of academic work:

What I  tease out subtly in an exploration of search as writing (I search Billy the Kid through Digital Humanities endorsed online resources) is the pattern of bullshit. The proclamation that I have discovered bullshit instead of hegemony, cultural dominance, lack of access, problematic representation, or a “new” something or other is revealing. Much of the burden of being a part of an up and coming movement or what Fish calls “fast moving developments” is the burden of being important. My only response, borrowed from this very textual, online search through relevant texts tagged (since online information is tagged for search purposes) as history, film, music, writing, and news is bullshit. Bullshit is the pattern I discover. Bullshit is my response to a political moment but also to a specific Humanities methodology calling itself digital.