Brave New Learning

Interesting speculation by Ulises Mejias, assistant professor at SUNY Oswego, on the death of higher education:

In the near future, college degrees will become unimportant. It won’t matter where you went to college, or even if you went to college. That the Internet will make this possible by making quality content available at a low cost hardly merits debating at this point.

And interesting speculation on what will take its place:

Think of the job interview as an academic version of the Hunger Games. It will be the SAT on steroids. It will be the do-or-die moment for young people: those who are not immediately eliminated will be categorized and offered jobs that match their skills. The rest will be offered lower positions. In order for this to happen, a new and very profitable industry will emerge to help employers administer these job interviews, categorize the applicants, and match them with the best offer. Headhunting will begin at an early age.

And there are more interesting speculations worth reading.