Using Diigo in the Classroom

Diigo is a great social bookmarking tool that can facilitate sharing sources and discussing those sources via its commenting features. And free educator accounts are available. Targeted towards teachers, these accounts have some extra useful features:

  • "You can create student accounts for an entire class with just a few clicks (and student email addresses are optional for account creation)
  • "Students of the same class are automatically set up as a Diigo group so they can start using all the benefits that a Diigo group provides, such as group bookmarks and annotations, and group forums.
  • "Privacy settings of student accounts are pre-set so that only teachers and classmates can communicate with them.
  • "Ads presented to student account users are limited to education-related sponsors.

For learning more about using Diigo in the classroom, see Jen Dorman's wiki, which includes tutorials, videos, and links to other resources.