Using Evernote in the Classroom

William Stites reports on using Evernote in the classroom:

Stu­dents are able to share their note­books with their teach­ers, giv­ing them the abil­ity to go into their note­books and com­ment on their work.  The teach­ers can com­ment (in dif­fer­ent color type) on what the stu­dents are doing inline with the notes they are tak­ing.  The teacher has access to all of their stu­dents’ notes in one place.  Gone are the days of col­lect­ing note­books or jour­nals; every­thing is made avail­able to them in one place… Ever­note

Teach­ers are shar­ing their own note­books with their stu­dents. In our per­form­ing arts courses stu­dents are able to work on and add to the notes on pro­duc­tions. They have been able to expand on ideas about sound cues and stag­ing options, often going above and beyond what they would have been able to do in their rehearsal time.