A Teacher Work Sample is a process that enables teacher candidates to demonstrate teaching performances directly related to the implementation of a standards-based instructional unit by planning, instructing and assessing P-12 student learning.  Candidates analyze student learning and reflect on their teaching effectiveness.

The Key Process of a Teacher Work Sample are:

The Teacher Work Sample is folded into the Educational Portfolio and documents the teacher candidate's achievements over the course of a teacher preparation program at Kean University.  The Teacher Work Sample must show satisfactory achievement of the learning outcomes of the College of Education and the candidates' program of study, as well as evidence of P-12 student learning.  The format of the Teacher Work Sample Portfolio may be traditional print and/or electronic multimedia file. 

During 2011-2012, programs in the College of Education will begin aligning the Teacher Work Sample with the standards for their respective SPAs (Specialized Program Associations).  This will result in content-specific scoring guides/rubrics and content-specific TWS assessments.  Evaluators will be asked to score interns' TWS on both the content-specific standards AND the College of Education's standards for the TWS.

Students, university supervisors and cooperating teachers should download and print a copy of the Guide to Compiling a Teacher Work Sample Portfolio AND the program-specific scoring rubric for the content/program in which the student is seeking certification.

The Guide to Compiling a Teacher Work Sample Portfolio can be found here.(pdf version)

The Guide to Compiling a Teacher Work Sample Portfolio can be found here.(html version)

The Guide to Compiling a Teacher Work Sample Portfolio can be found here (Word version)


    Generic College of Education Scoring Rubrics for the Teacher Work Sample Portfolio. (pdf)

    Program-Specific Rubrics

    Early Childhood

    Elementary Education K-5 & K-5/5-8

    English K-12

    Health & Physical Education  Updated October 2011

    Music K-12

    Science K-12 (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science)

    Social Studies K-12

    Spanish K-12

    Teacher of Students w/Disabilities

    Theatre K-12


Teacher Work Sample Portfolio Assessment Form & Assessment of Teacher Work Sample Portfolio Processes

Teacher Work Sample Portfolio Implementation 2008

Supervisors/Clinical Instructors and students should refer to the Renaissance Partnership Annotated Teacher Work Samples.  These annotated sample of Teacher Work Samples will allow all parties to see how the Guide for Compiling a Teacher Work Sample Portfolio translates into the actual TWS or Mini-TWS.  The annotated TWS demonstrates all of the standards:  Standard One contextual factors for introductory field students, Standards 2, 3, 4 & 5 for the Mini-Teacher Work Sample for preprofessional field students, and Standards 1 through 7 for the Professional Interns.

A tutorial is available to learn more about the Teacher Work Samples processes and the requirements and procedures for creating a TWS Portfolio.  Click here to view the presentation.  Click on "Open" to start the PowerPoint Presentation.  Use the Page Up/Page Down keys to navigate through the presentation.  If you view a link in the presentation, you will need to choose "Open" again to get back to the presentation.





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