Department of Elementary & Bilingual Education

We welcome you to the Department of Elementary Education and Bilingual Education. You are about to embark on an exciting academic career that will involve a rich and challenging array of learning experiences to prepare you for New Jersey certification K-5 (Kindergarten - Grade 5).

To aid in this pursuit, the department will help you examine and utilize the knowledge, skills and values/dispositions necessary to work effectively with children in a multicultural, inclusive school environment. These components will be developed through learning experiences in professional classes at Kean University and in three semester-long field experiences held in various public-school classroom settings.

You will develop knowledge of the field by learning about the development of educational thinking and practices, including those of John Dewey and Jean Piaget, and discussing various topics, including lesson and unit planning, technology, assessment and multiple intelligences. You will demonstrate a broad background in humanities, mathematics and sciences; and have an in-depth understanding of one academic discipline.

In addition to knowledge of these areas, you will convert this information into professional skills in methods classes on language arts, social studies and math/science. This will involve writing lesson plans, employing learning techniques, developing uses for technology in the educational process, and creating reading, writing and thinking activities for children at various developmental levels.

Finally, professional values/dispositions will be constantly examined and reinforced as you progress through the program. You will be asked to reflect on reasons for choosing elementary education as a career, the needs of all children in school and society, the role of school in developing effective citizens, consideration of a diverse yet unified America in a global society, and a lifelong desire to continue to learn and grow as a member of the academic profession. Your knowledge, skills and values/dispositions are dynamic and will continue to grow and develop during your career at Kean University and as a teacher for years to come.



Prof. Patrick Ippolito
Elementary Programs

Dr. Gail Verdi
Bilingual Programs


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