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MAJORS/DEGREES: Academic Minors


  • A minor shall consist of a minimum of 18 semester hours in a single academic discipline. Majors within that academic discipline may not minor in that discipline.
  • Content is to be prescribed by a Department and may or may notn include electives.
  • At least 6 semester hours shall be from upper division, 3000-4000 level courses.
  • No more than one-half of the credits for that minor may be transferred from another institution.
  • Departments will provide guide sheets for minor programs to students.
  • At the time of filling for graduation, the Department must verify and sign off that all requirements for the minor are met. Verification of the completion of the minor must then be filed with the Registrar's Office.
  • Minors will be designated on the student's transcript.
  • Only courses with a"C" (2.0) grade or better may be applied to the minor.

Minor in Biology
Minor in Chemistry
Minor in Computer Science
Minor in Information Technology (Computer Science Department)
Minor in Mathematical Sciences
Minor in Physics
Minor in Statistics

Check with the Academic discipline for any additional information regarding minors.

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