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Department of Communication

The Department of Communication offers a B.A in Communication

Communication is more than just talk. Kean’s Department of Communication offers a program for students seeking to enter a world where print newspapers are being replaced by blogs, young people are watching films and getting news through Ipods and relationships are being built on Facebook.

Communication is more than overcoming a fear of speaking it is the ability to change the world through message and make your voice heard through diverse mediums of communication. Our students learn to size up situations and problem solve in a way that prepares them to engage in a diverse society in persuasive ways.

Communication skills are most in demand in the contemporary workplace.

Kean‘s Communication program offers degree programs that prepare future professionals to adapt to a changing job market where most workers will have seven different jobs.  Rooted in Kean’s liberal arts programs we know students need training that makes them marketable in many areas while at the same time developing a depth of expertise in specializations..

Students can specialize while at the same time building areas of wider focus in the following options:

The Communication Studies Option teaches skills in conflict resolution, team or organization building, leadership, listening, speaking and group facilitation. 

Public Relations Option enables students to work in corporate communication or to become an event planner. 

Our Media Option helps students learn interviewing skills that can make them potential news anchors in radio or TV while at the same time learning to think on their feet in a job interview or in a career as a recruiter.

Film Option students learn how to operate contemporary digital technologies and build upon creative skills while learning to critique the power of images and words.

Journalism Option prepares students with traditional journalistic skills but also helps studnts to sell themselves through expertise in digital technology and public relations.

Our Department sponsor the campus newspaper, The Tower, and radio station WKNJ. Media students can work in the campus TV studio. Our students can be part of the Film Club or use or Speech Lab for coaching on a speech or a job interview. Our Communication Club brings in speakers each month to talk on possible communication careers. Supervised internships are available to qualifies students.

We value an education not just for careers but for living in a complex world.



Dr. Christopher Lynch