Communication Alumni

Michael Millazo, Georgetown Law School

Kean University's communication department has helped me grow as an individual. I came to Kean as a timorous individual, but am walking out a confident leader. The critical thinking and perspective taking skills that the department instilled will allow for my success at Georgetown Law. Thank you to all my professors. I hope other students will be as profoundly affected by them as I was.

Michelle Barrera, Public Relations

I currently work for a small PR company in New York City. We promote bands and work with musicians and help them different avenues of press. My communication degree has helped me get really this great opportunity. I have worked with clients like Paul McCartney and The Beasty Boys. I have all of that to thank for the wonderful professors at Kean University.

Garrett Kozden, WCBS Radio

I'm a senior here at Kean University. My major is film, media, and communication. I recently got an internship at WCBS radio at 92.3-Now FM. Majoring in communication was a great choice. I really enjoy it and love it. (Upon graduation, Garrett was hired as a full-time employ of WCBS.)

Kelly Connelly, Director of Human Resources

I am the director of Human Resources for the YMCA of Union County. I graduated Kean University in 2007 with a Bachelors of Art in Public Communication. I'm doing what I love because of the Kean Communication Department.

Gerry Phillips, Human Resources, Target

I am an executive team leader of Human Leader of Human Resources at Target. I graduated Kean University in January of 2009. I have to say that my communication degree has most helped me in the work force. It taught me to become an open communicator and to become an effective interviewee. I was able to write a good resume solely by the help of the professors here in the Communication Department at Kean University. Moving through my employment at Target I really been able maximize everything I learned at Kean.

Brian Murphy, Vice President, Coyne PR.

Brian graduated from Kean in 1997 with an emphasis in Public Relations. He most enjoys the "opportunity to develop stories for clients and then pitch the stories to the media." In addition he "enjoys the process of developing and cultivating relationships with the media". Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication were his most valuable classes at Kean. For him, "communication isn't just about delivering a message to an audience. It really is about listening to your audience so you can gather all relevant info to craft an appropriate response." His company has become an internship site for Kean public relations students.

Michelle Gadsden-Williams (left), Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Credit Suisse

Prior to Credit Suisse, Michelle was Vice President and Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. She serves as a distinguished member of the Board of Directors for the Harvard Kennedy's School of Government Women's Board. She has been profiled in Black Enterprise magazine, DiversityInc, Ebony, Essence, Fortune, Jet, New Vision, Science magazine, Sister to Sister, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Target Market News, to name a few, and recognized as one of 40 Outstanding Executives under 40 in America by the Network Journal in 2006.

Morgan (left) and Kellye Miller (right) met in a communications class. Morgan, at age 23, was suffering from a life-threatening kidney disease. When Kellye heard that all of Morgan's immediate family members were not suitable kidney donors, she offered to donate hers, although they just met five months earlier. The gift of life has bonded the two girls together.

Communication Grads Enjoy Interesting Jobs

Here are some jobs our alumni have held:

Patrick McNally, founder and CEO of a training corporation.

Maria Vargas-Pion anchors for News 12.

Jennifer Melchair produces for Fox 5 News.

Jeffrey Herbert & George Nunes worked for NFL Films.

Oscar Olsen worked for Comedy Central.

Debra Lampert-Rudman, community relations director for a national corporation.

Elizabeth Ford, corporate communications director.

Andrew Stockum produces for CBS Sports Radio.

Brian Monzo & Al Dukes work at WFAN Sports Radio.

Anthony Mauro works for HBO.

David Billiter, pharmaceutical sales representative.

Justin Ryan is a weatherperson for Fox 2 WJBK.

Linda Florez is a reporter for Univision.

Linda Candela works for 69 WFMZ-TV.

Jonathon Cooper works for ESPN Radio.

Monica Galvis worked for Fox News.



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