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For your convenience, we have compiled two website directories: one for Kean faculty websites and one for general Kean websites. The lists are long, so please scroll down. Thank you and enjoy.

List of Kean faculty websites
Last Name First Name Department Website URL
Baldassini Jose G Instruction & Educational Leadership
Bellitto Christopher M. Department of History
Bermudez Berta Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Caffre Raymond T. Department of English
Cahir Linda Department of EMSE (Elementary and Middle School Secondary Education
Campell Carol English as a Second Language
Chandler Sally Department of English
Chen Rongdean Department of Mathematics
Cirasa Robert Department of English
Codella Sylvio Department of Biological Sciences
Donoghu Christopher Department of
Fethe Christopher Department of Philosophy
Fiedler Randy Department of Counselor Education
Finkle Arthur Department of Political Science
Friedland Gary Eductional Leadership
Gamarra Roberto Department of Graduate Management Studies
Gary Juneau Department of Counselor Education
Geck Caroline Library
Glazer Fran Department of Biological Sciences
Gonzales Janette Library
Griffith Ruth P. Department of English
Harris Julie Elizabeth Department of Fine Arts
Hascup Valera A. Department of Nursing
Hicks Charles Department Chemistry and Physics
Hiraoka Leslie S. Department of Management Science
Jackson Jerry L. Department of Educational Leadership
Kachur Lewis Department of Art History
Kemal Gursoy Department of Management Science
Kettyle Sharon English as a Second Language
Klein Dennis Department of History
Kong Xurong Department of Languages & Culture
Lender Mark Department of History
Luzzi Joseph General Education
Marks Paul Department of Fine Arts
Mascari J. Barry Department of Counselor Education
McGinley Mary Department of Communication
McKnight Elinor Nancy Thompson Library
Nelson Charles English as a Second Language
Nevarez Julia Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Palgi Josh Department of Physical Education
Porta Angela Department of Biological Sciences
Prado Mayda Department of Music
Pu Rongsun Department of Biological Sciences
Richard Lynne Deparment of Ocupational Therapy
Rover Ceil General Education
Sullivan Ray NJCSTME
Shulman Martin Department of Speech Therapy
Snyder Sharon Department of English
Stewart Louis Department of Accounting
Sun Sue Library
Tuerk Jaqueline Department of Art History
Tung Larry Department of Media and Film
Valentine John V. Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Health
Vassiliou Evros Department of Biological Sciences
Walsh Thomas Department of Education
Walsh Joanne Department of Psychology
Yu Xiabo Department of Biological Sciences
Zamora Maria (Mia) Christine Department of English


List of Kean websites
Website Title Website URL
American Marketing Association - Kean Chapter
Bilingual Education
Center for International Studies
Center for Professional Development
Communication Studies
Continuing & Professional Education
Corporate MBA
Creation Space - English Department
Department of Academic Technology
Department of Accounting
Department of Biological Sciences Sciences
Department of Communication Disorders and Deafness
Department of Criminal Justice
Department of English
Department of General Education
Department of History
Department of Media and Film
Department of Music
Department of Nursing
Department of Physical Education
Distance Education
Diversity Council
Educational Leadership
English as a Second Language Program (ESL)
Faculty Senate
Global Management
Healthy Together (Event)
Holocaust Resource Center
International Student Services
Jewish Studes Program
Kean Art Galleries
Kean Counseling Center
Kean Dance Theatre
Kean@Raritan Valley
Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems
Multicultural Programming Repository
Multimedia Center
Nancy Thompson Library
Nathan Weiss Graduate College
New Jersey Advisors Conference (NJADVCON)
NJ Social Workers Post-Graduate Institute (NJSWMGT)
Office of Health Services
Office of Judicial Affairs
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Office of Residence Life & Housing
Office of Student Life & Leadership
One Stop Service Center
Pathways to Teaching
Project Excel
Speech Upgrade Project
Student Technology Lab - Academic Technology
Tai Chi Chih Conference 2007
Teaching Performance Center
Teaching, Learning, & Scholarship
Technology Transfer (Event)
Transition to Kean (T2K)
Women's Studies