Blue Goes Green
The Green Machine
Our unit will convert all food waste on campus, about 1000 pounds daily, into compost.
Meet our Green Machine, with a design based on the results of a waste audit conducted last year, will convert all of Kean's food waste on campus, 1000 pounds daily and some 20 tons annually.

Sustainability in the media
USA Today

WHEN the anchorman Howard Beale uttered his famous vituperations in the 1976 film "Network" ("I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"), he was a grizzled, alcoholic veteran of the television rat race, at the climax of a long, slow boil.

USA Today

Students interested in pursuing a job in sustainability now can choose from a variety of "green" degree programs.

With an increased interest in the environment and growth in the "green collar" job sector, colleges and universities are beginning to incorporate sustainability into their programs.

NY Times

After 25 years in the high-technology industry, Bob Gressens sensed a growing excitement over environmental issues — and a new business opportunity. He followed his instinct, quit his job and went back to school.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Some new majors arise in response to student demand, while other degree programs are meant to provide an industry with workers. Many cross disciplinary boundaries, such as combining environmental science with agriculture

NY Times

Living “green” is not easy. Yes, every decision we make results in more or less of an impact on our environment. As a parent of young children, I have much to worry about regarding what my children eat — a balanced, wholesome diet, free from antibiotics, hormones or bacteria. Need we feel guilty about being carnivorous?

Jeffrey H. Toney, Dean of the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences at Kean University.