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Kean WISE Faculty Instructions for Submitting             Grades:


To Access Kean WISE

Access Web through your Internet Browser  

Go to http://www.kean.edu (Kean University Web Page)

Click on Kean WISE

Review message page

Click on Kean WISE


To Login

Click Log In at top right

Enter Your User Name (lower case) and PIN


Click on Faculty Menu (WebAdvisor for Faculty)


To Select Grading Option

Click on Final Grading/Midterm Grading & Remarks

Select correct term (required)

Select correct course (required)

Enter appropriate grading information* and comments** for each student

Scroll down and click SUBMIT

*Appropriate grades for the pass/fail courses CS 0409, CS 0412, ENG 1033, ENG 1300, and MATH 1003 are P (Passing) or U (Unsatisfactory); Appropriate grades for other courses are A, A-, B+ B, B-, C+ C, D, and F.

Incomplete is not a valid midterm grade.

Instructors of ENG 1031/1032 and MATH 1001/1002 should submit grades for ENG 1032 and MATH 1002 only.


 Note: You can click on the Grading Instructions faculty menu option if you want additional documentation on grade submission procedures or instructions on printing rosters for your records.


Remember to log out.