2007 Literature Institute

Our institute, "Cultural Literacies in the Twenty-first Century: The New Roles of Literature" addressed the following questions:

  • What roles, purposes, and functions do literature and the teaching of literature serve in our complex, digitized, multicultural and trans-national world?
  • Does reading 'great books' merely help one accrue 'cultural capital'?
  • Or does reading literature advance crucial literacies and skills?

Geared toward middle and high-school English teachers, our institute aimed to challenge, provoke, and spur thought about the new roles that old texts might take in the classroom with respect to the intersections between Literature and Globalization, Literature and Technology, and Literature and Ethics.


Poster by Alex Taner

Kean University, English Department, CAS 301, 1000 Morris Avenue, New Jersey 07083 :: 908-737-0370