English Awards Ceremony

Our English Awards Ceremony honoring the recipients of the Bauer/Boucher scholarships and the Haselton and Millard prizes was held on Tuesday afternoon, May 7 at 3:15 p.m. in the CAS Art Gallery on the first floor. In addition, Sigma Tau Delta inductees were recognized and the Sigma Tau Delta banner was presented by Dr. Nira Gupta-Casale. Recipients of awards are as follows:

Anthony J. Bosco Scholarship in English Literature Debra Bagnato
McDonnell-Millard Distinguished Student Writing Award
1st Place Tabitha Edwards
Instructor Prof. Rachael Warmington
2nd Place Laura Cheatham
Instructor Prof. Denise Lagos
3rd Place Michelle Cordovi
Instructor Prof. Denise Lagos
McDonnell-Millard Teaching Excellence Award Prof. Anthony Chu
Stephen J. Haselton Excellence in Scholarship Award ENG 4800 Capstone Literature Option
1st Place Christopher King
Instructor Dr. Christine Kephart
2nd Place Meggan McGuire and Adrianna Ramiez
Instructors Dr. Donald Moores
Dr. Susanna Rich
Stephen J. Haselton Excellence in Scholarship Award ENG 4817 Capstone Writing Option
1st Place Will Barbieri
Instructor Dr. Susanna Rich

The English Department thanks the following persons and groups for their support and efforts in preparing this ceremony: Office of the President; Kean University Foundation; Office of the Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Dean Suzanne Bousquet; Prof. Holly Logue; Dr. W. John Bauer; Ms. Nancy Bauer-Boucher; The Bosco family; the McDonnell and Millard families; the Haselton family; Dr. Daniel O'Day; Dr. Nira Gupta-Casale; Dr. Dan Gover; Dr. Mark Sutton; Dr. Teresa Choate; Ms. Pamelia Rodrigues; Dr. Gail Verdi; Dr. Linda Costanzo-Cahir; Prof. Kim Chen; Prof. Amy Brady; Mr. Neil Tetkowski; Ms. Barbara Billiard; Mr. Jonathan Daneshpour; the Kean University chapter of Sigma Tau Delta; and the University at large.

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