Challenging a Grade

Students who believe they have received inaccurate or unfair final grades for English courses should bring their complaints first to their instructors. If resolution can not be achieved directly with an instructor, then a student may file a formal grade grievance with the Department.

To file a grade grievance, a student should submit to the Department chairperson a letter outlining the basis for the grievance and proposing a specific remedy for the grievance. The letter should be accompanied by appropriate supporting documents: copies of pertinent exams, papers, assignments, syllabi, etc. Upon receiving the grievance, the chairperson will assemble a grade grievance committee comprising himself or herself, one other member of the faculty, and a student of the chairperson's choice. The committee will then invite the instructor to submit a statement and supporting materials of his or her own. The deliberations of the committee usually take two weeks. After completing their deliberations, the committee will issue a recommendation to the instructor either to uphold or change the grade.The instructor is free to accept or reject the recommendation. Should the outcome of that decision remain disagreeable to the student, he or she may then appeal to the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, who holds the power to overturn the instructor's grade.

Grievances are not permitted against grades for individual assignments. They are allowed only against final course grades.

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