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The mission of the PASSPORT Program is to provide support for access to higher education and academic success to students matriculated at Kean University via an alternate admission category.  Freshmen applicants who do not fully meet University admission requirements, but who are determined and have potential to both succeed academically and to positively contribute to the University, are admitted by the Undergraduate Admissions Office into the PASSPORT Program. Under the auspices of the Educational Opportunities Center (EOC), the PASSPORT Program enhances the University’s mission of access and excellence. The Program provides student-centered advising and counseling to assist students in developing intellectually, socially, culturally, and personally to reach the ultimate goal of completing the baccalaureate degree and entering the professional workforce or graduate studies.The support services offered by the PASSPORT Program complement those offered to all students by the University. Within the EOC, students admitted into the PASSPORT Program are served for their first two years of college study before they are completely integrated into general student population services.  PASSPORT Counselor Internship Experience. The Counselor Education Department at Kean University has partnered with the EOC to provide counseling support to the PASSPORT Program. Students are required to meet with counselor interns on an individual bases as well as attend workshops and special meetings. Goals and Objectives.

The goal in this area is to provide students with personal and social counseling services from their initial enrollment into the University and the PASSPORT program until they transition out, their sophomore year. In order to implement this goal, the following objectives have been identified:

  • Provide a comprehensive assessment program to identify student needs and provide appropriate services and referrals
  • Provide individual and group counseling in the area of personal, interpersonal relationships as well as family and social problems
  • Provide highly structured, proactive counseling services to students which are developmental in nature
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with the Human Relations and Counseling Center and Health Services

The goal in this area is to provide students with academic advising through the following objectives:

  • Respond to the academic and non-academic needs of individual students and develop individual Academic Development Plans for students which meet their needs, interests, as well as major or career aspirations
  • Develop curricula which ensures that students complete their developmental requirements within their first three semesters and their General Education requirements within the first four semesters
  • Provide Advisors with data about students’ academic and educational needs, performance and aspirations and problems
  • Develop interventions to deal with academic departments and Deans
  • Assist students who are experiencing academic difficulty

The goal in regard to this area is to provide effective advisement for all students so that they have a better awareness of career opportunities and expectations.
In order to implement this goal, the following objectives have been identified:

  • Maintain a cooperative working relationship with the Office of Career Services and Placement
  • Assist students to make well-reasoned and informed career decision choices
  • Assist students in setting short and long term goals
  • Encourage students to declare majors by the end of their sophomore year
  • Assist juniors and seniors with individualized career plans
  • Encourage students to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level
  • Audit students’ academic progress in keeping with major department requirements
  • Write letters of recommendation for students








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