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Steps to Prevent Child Labor

By Andres Irigoyen
ESL 0200

Child labor and hunger is one of the principal social illnesses in my country. There are many institutes, organizations, public departments and international organizations like UNICEF whose main objective is to prevent child labor. They have many steps to prevent it and I have some ideas that can help.

First, many children left their homes in a way to avoid the abuse that they are victims of from their parents. To prevent this bad treatment, the government could help give conferences to the parents about child labor and the consequences that it brings. In this way, we can help prevent other children running away from home and living as homeless children.

Another option could be to build homes for those children that are living in the streets. They will be sent to these homes and they would not have to live outside. In this way we can help prevent children from any abuse that they can suffer in the streets. In these homes, children are not supposed to work; they can study and learn a career, and they will get a better job and a future.

Child labor is a very serious problem. Politicians should make laws to prevent child labor and find solutions. Children are our future and we have to take care of them if we want a better future.