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Option: Certification

The Master of Arts in Fine Arts Education, Certification Option, is designed for students who have undergraduate preparation and demonstrated competence in the studio arts and wish to secure New Jersey K-12 Teaching Certification in Art. The program's philosophical approach is rooted in developmental psychology and supported by contemporary research in the field. The program prepares future educators to engage in conceptual thought about learning in the visual arts and translate this understanding into an active and vivified classroom practice. To achieve this goal, students continue to develop a strong studio praxis which is augmented by an academic study of the psychological origins of artistic expression as they exist within the growing individual. All prospective students are strongly urged to contact the program director as soon as possible* to discuss interview/admission requirements, identify a course of studies, and ensure a timely placement in required fieldwork. (Note: Individuals may interview prior to applying for admission into Kean University).

Student Testimonial by Earl Speid (M.A. Art Education Major)
“Moving through the Art Education Program has been an intense and life-changing experience. When I entered I had no idea how complex teaching art would be. The emphasis on developmental psychology, along with the reading, writing, and studio work was extremely challenging. I am now thinking in new ways, deeper ways, more clinical ways–about art, the intellect, young people, and about my own work as well.”

Option: Art Supervision

The Master of Arts in Fine Arts Education, Art Supervision Option is designed for certified art teachers who desire additional background for career advancement as well as certification for supervisory positions.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Joseph Amorino
VE430, 908.737.4403