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AH 1700 Art from Prehistory Through the Middle Ages (3)
A study of important works of painting, sculpture, and architecture from prehistory to the Renaissance with emphasis on stylistic analysis and relationships of art to its cultural and historical setting.
General Education Humanities
General Education Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary Option

AH 1701 Art from the Renaissance to the Modern World (3)
A study of important works of painting, sculpture and architecture from the Renaissance to the present with emphasis on stylistic analysis and the relationship of art to its cultural and historical setting.
General Education Humanities
General Education Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary Option

AH 3275 History of Photography (3)
An overview of technological developments, artistic movements, and important trends in photography from 1839 to the present and an introduction to the major artists in the discipline. Emphasis will also be placed on contemporary directions and the use of digital photography.

AH 3700 American Art (3)
American art and its cultural and historical contexts from colonial times to the present.

AH 3710 Italian Renaissance Painting (3)
Italian painting from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century in Florence, Siena, Rome, and Venice.
Prerequisite: AH 1701.

Kimberly Alvarado (B.A. Art History)
The Kean University art history professors are hidden treasures. It was a joy to study the various art movements and periods with dedicated scholars and leaders in their respective fields. Through the program I was exposed to art from around the world: from Mexico and Central America to the art of India; from Western European to the art of the States. Beyond the traditional classroom support, the faculty, both full- and part-time, offered priceless and encouraging advice when needed as well as sage guidance on studying art history at the graduate level.

AH 3711 Italian Art and Architecture: The Early Renaissance (3)
The history of Italian painting, sculpture, and architecture of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries with emphasis on the art of Florence, Siena, Rome and Venice.
Prerequisites: AH 1700, AH 1701, or permission of instructor. Students who have taken AH 3710 may not take this course for credit.

AH 3712 Italian Art and Architecture: The High Renaissance and Mannerism (3)
The history of Italian painting, sculpture, and architecture ca. 1470-1580 with emphasis on the art of Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan.
Prerequisites: AH 1700, AH 1701, AH 3711, or permission of instructor.

AH 3720 Baroque Art (3)
European painting, sculpture, and architecture in the seventeenth century.
Prerequisite: AH 1701.

AH 3725 Women in the Visual Arts (3)
An exploration of the history of women artists with emphasis on the western world.

AH 3730 Art of Ancient Egypt (3)
Chronological survey of the arts of ancient Egypt from the Predynastic Era through the Late Period. Includes discussion of related topics such as kingship, religion, and burial customs.
Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor.

AH 3740 Modern Art: 1900-1950 (3)
From cubism to abstract expressionism: a study of major artists, art works and movements in Europe and America from 1900 to 1950.
Prerequisite: AH 1701.

AH 3741 Contemporary Art (3)
A study of painting and sculpture in Europe and America from 1945 to present, including new media such as performance art and site-specific installations.
Prerequisite: AH 1701

AH 3745 Impressionism and Post-Impressionism (3)
European art from Manet to Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec.

AH 3750 The Art of China (3)
The art of China from Neolithic time to the Ch’ing Dynasty.

AH 3751 The Art of Japan (3)
The art of Japan from prehistoric times to the end of the Edo Period with emphasis on painting, sculpture and architecture.

AH 3752 The Art of India (3)
The art and culture of India including Buddhist art, Moslem art, Hindu art and art of Southeast Asia.

AH 3760 Medieval Art (3)
Study of architecture, painting and sculpture of the Early Medieval, Romanesque and Gothic periods. Emphasis on evolving style and meaning within cultural and historical context.

AH 3770 Greek and Roman Art (3)
Study of works of art from Archaic and Classical Greece, the Hellenistic Age, Ancient Etruria, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

AH 3771 Byzantine Art (3)
Study of art and culture of the Byzantine period (Medieval Eastern Roman Empire). Emphasis on function and style within cultural and historical context. Museum entrance fee may be required.
Prerequisites: AH 1700 or AH 1701.

AH 3780 Art in Africa (3)
Selected topics in the arts of sub-Saharan Africa. Emphasis on traditional art of West Africa. Other topics of discussion: Central, Eastern and Southern Africa and non-traditional art.
Prerequisites: AH 1700 or AH 1701; Permission of instructor.

AH 3781 African-American Art (3)
Survey of major contributions of American artists of African descent from the 18th century to the present. Discussion includes painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, and textile art (e.g., quilting).
Prerequisites: Junior standing or permission of instructor.

AH 3790 History of Furniture and Interiors (3)
Chronological examination of the formal, structural and motivating characteristics of furniture and interior decoration in significant periods, especially the classic, Gothic, Italian, French, English, and American. Textiles, their qualities, designs, and colors. Special attention given to the adaptation of past work to contemporary usage.

Student Testimonial by Alumna Sarahlynn Wilber (B.A Art History)
“Getting my undergraduate degree at Kean University was my greatest educational experience (having attended other colleges prior). The personal attention I received, not only in the classroom, but in faculty advisement, campus services, and student organizations, was extraordinary. The individual and career growth I developed could not have been matched elsewhere.”

AH 3792 History of Western Architecture (3)
Chronological survey of selected key monuments from prehistory to the twenty-first century, emphasizing structural, programmatic, and formal analysis. Emphasis on western traditions and the cultural and historical significance of architecture.
Prerequisites: AH 1700 or AH 1701

AH 3793 Sacred Space and Sacred Landscape (3)
An examination of how humans have construed the sacred in history, particularly how they have imbued landscape and created architecture to embody and give shape to sacredness. Course will cover theoretical, religious, ritual, and mystical aspects of the sacred, and then examine examples of sacred architecture and sacred landscape from different time periods and cultures.
Prerequisites: AH 1700 or AH 1701

AH 3795 Pre-Columbian Arts of Central America (3)
A survey of the cultures of Mexico and Central America prior to the conquests of Cortez beginning in 1519, considering the archaeological evidence in a chronological sequence, stressing their arts and using interdisciplinary methodologies.

AH 3796 History of Modern Latin American Art and Architecture (3)
A chronological and thematic survey of key monuments and artists in 20th century Latin America that emphasizes regional historical, cultural, and social contexts as well as international currents of Modernism. Painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture as well as connections with politics and other arts in a historical context will be covered.
Prerequisites: AH 1700 or AH 1701

AH 4000-4001 Independent Study in Fine Arts (3,3)
Independent projects or research in a specific field of interest, by arrangement with a sponsoring professor. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

AH 4700 Art History Research Seminar (3)
Advanced projects in art history pursued through independent research and group critique. Students conduct original art historical research.

General Education Capstone
Prerequisites: Required of Art History majors. Others by permission of instructor.

AH 4710 History of Drawings and Prints (3)
Techniques, uses, and historical development of drawing and printmaking, with emphasis from Durer and Rembrandt through the modern era. Prerequisite: AH 1701 or FA 3260 or 3261.

AH 4720 Exhibiting Modern Art (3)
Traces the history of art exhibition practices from the nineteenth century to the present. How modern art was defined, promoted and interpreted through art exhibitions. Innovative exhibitions and installations will be studied as case examples.
Prerequisites: AH 1701 or AH 3740, or permission of instructor.

AH 4770 Italian Art and Architecture Study Tour: From Ancient Rome to the Present Day (3)
A four-week course in Italy that introduces the wonders of studying art and architecture in their original location and cultural context. Visit museums and archaeological sites to explore Italy’s Ancient Greek, Roman, Early Christian, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern monuments.

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