I graduated from Peking University, China in 1997 with a B.S. in Environmental Science, and received my MS in Cartography and Geographic Information Science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in May 2001. I obtained my PhD degree in Geography from UW-Madison in December 2005.


My research interests are in GIS, environmental science, and physical geography, with a concentration on geo-visualization, spatial data mining, intelligent geocomputational algorithms and their applications in environmental modeling and public health studies. More...


I teach GIS (ES 3200 GIS in GeoScience), World Geography (GEOG 2010), and Earth Science (ES 1000 Observing the Earth) courses at Kean University. My other teaching interests include Cartography, quantitative methods, and environmental science.


And my many hobbies include traveling and photography (hey, I am a geographer!), reading and writing (since it is a hobby, let's say novels, proses and poems here), painting, graphic design (map, webpage, etc.), playing chinese flute (the sound is sad, though:(), fishing, cooking.

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