February 2 - February 23, 2011

"Jumping off a crowded bus into some shouk in a foreign country, carrying nothing more than a Leica and two prime lenses and a gunny sack full of Kodak highspeed Black & White film has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I was drawn to the challenge of capturing the stories etched into the lines on the faces of people I met. My goal on this website is to present portraits of both Jews and Arabs living in Israel, such that the viewer can not differentiate, and therefore can not discriminate, between the two. Jews and Arabs will learn to live with each other. The question is when. And the question is also how many will have to die before this actuality comes to pass? During my stay in Israel, I spent most of my free time on the streets, and, without a car, spent most of my time walking and taking public transport. Thus, the Israel I saw and came to know and love, was primarily associated with street culture, involving both Arabs and Jews, often in neighborhoods not frequented by foreigners. My photographs thus do not portray modern Israel. My camera instead came to focus on characters I would encounter during my many walkabouts, in the Old City of Jerusalem, or on the streets of Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jaffo. These photographs therefore celebrate the denizens I came to know on the streets. My cornerstones? Henri Cartier Bresson, of course, Robert Doisneau, Roman Vishniac, Josef Koudelka, the war photographers Tim Page, Don McCullin and Phillip Jones Griffiths, and lastly Sebastiāo Salgado, the true master of the craft. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did making them."

Eric W.A. Boehm, PhD
Assistant Professor, Microbiology
Department of Biological Sciences
Kean University