October 2006

In recent years, as China has rapidly become an economic superpower, the nation’s influence on the global landscape has been monumental. East Transplanted West reflects this influence, and the enormous global shifts and changes that are evident in the areas of economy, environment, culture and technology. The world of education is also changing on a global scale. Kean University, which started out a century and a half ago as a small regional normal school, is now at the forefront of this new wave of international education. Under the leadership of President Dawood Farahi, Kean University will be building the first American University campus in China. By 2010, the new 300-acre campus in Zhejang Province is expected to be fully operational, and will serve as a key force in strengthening the cultural exchange and educational relationship between the United States and China.

East Transplanted West, held at Kean University’s CAS Gallery from September 14, 2006 through November 7, 2006 features seven remarkable artists who began their lives in China, but as adults have chosen to engage a global audience, and pursue their creative dreams in New York/New Jersey region. These artists received their education in both China and America, and have exhibited internationally since the early 1990s. Pan Xinglei, Zheng Lianjie and Qin Feng are very well known in China, whine Ming Fay, Hu Bing, Cui Fei and Wei Jia are well-known here in the United States.

Before moving from Beijing to New York City in 1997 our guest curator Mr. Zhijian Qian – an expert on contemporary Chinese art – was a senior editor at Meishu zazhi, the only national art monthly magazine in China.

These artists exemplify China’s growing position in the international art scene. During the past decade, many Chinese artists have become art stars at international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale and Documenta in Germany, as well as important shows at prestigious American museums like the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Western galleries and top auction houses are now selling contemporary Chinese art, and with some frequency hitting record numbers. As artwork from China is being shown abroad, the artists are becoming more mobile as well. While some have stayed in their native country, many have moved, some from China to Europe, and many more have relocated to the New York metropolitan area. Our featured artists for East Transplanted West belong to this group of internationally recognized artists. The exhibition is a visual presentation of this Chinese art phenomenon against the background of globalization.

Professor Neil Tetkowski
Director of University Galleries