Presented by GlassRoots, Inc. Artists and Students
James Blake, Kate Dowd, Yazmine Graham, Jason Minami
Tinisha Cooke, Jasmine Garnett, and Dynayah Grey-Vauters


Nancy Dryfoos Gallery
May 6 - June 21, 2012
Opening Reception: Sunday, May 6th, 2012 from 1 - 5 pm.


GlassRoots will present a visual interpretation of the popular and retro culture of childhood in America. Through the eyes of Newark based artists and students, the exhibit will be made up of the visual interpretations covering a wide range of topics including fast food, cartoons, Boy and Girl Scouts, toys and other aspects of American youth. With GlassRoots’ foundation strongly grounded in glass art, the audience will be pleased by the juxtaposition of two and three dimensional glass and mixed media sculptures to express the raw emotions of influenced youth.
Each work of art on display is hand-crafted. Made of glass, all were manipulated by fire and heat over open flames, in kilns and in gloryholes to temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees. To create some pieces, the artists had to maintain their hands and face within inches of bright blue flames. Other artists worked with molten glass poured into hand-carved molds. Still others worked with molten glass in a space where the average ambient temperature regularly rests above 110 degrees.

Some pieces on exhibit are created by students with no experience or knowledge of glass making. Others were created by highly trained and practiced professionals. All, however, reflect the life experiences, personal beliefs, influences and creativity of their creators.
The show will be held at the Nancy Dryfoos Gallery on the Kean University campus. This intimate gallery space will play into the nature of the show by drawing the audience close to the art.

About GlassRoots, Inc.
The mission of GlassRoots is to provide opportunities for at-risk youth to realize their potential through the creation of glass art.  As the only non-profit “hot shop” for young people in the greater Newark/New York City metropolitan area, GlassRoots provides a nurturing environment in which otherwise underserved children can achieve self-esteem and creative expression while also learning basic business skills and valuable life lessons through the exploration of glass making.