May 20 - August 15, 2011
Meet the Artist: June 22, 2011 from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm.
Nancy Dryfoos Gallery


Born in 1924, Judith Stein has spent her life as an artist and an art educator.  Her life with her husband, sculptor, and musician, Ralph Stein, and the many places they lived, had a direct influence on her work.  Judy has exhibited work all over the US as well as in Israel. A prolific artist mentor, she has dedicated a lifetime to helping her students develop their own vision.

Judy graduated from Newark State Teachers College in 1944 where she studied art education. Judy has been a teacher in Newark, Upper Montclair, Parsippany public school districts, William Patterson, and Caldwell College.  Judy was a passionate teacher constantly working to draw out her students’ unique artistic talents.   Her primary agenda was to help students understand the possibilities of what they could achieve in artistic media. Her own work developed similarly through experimentation that caused her to learn to see in new ways.

Judy spent a two-year sabbatical attending William Patterson College, while in her forties, in order to receive her Masters of Art in painting and printmaking.  Her studies re-energized her artistic endeavors, and allowed her to take a new direction with her work.  Judy started expanding her subject matter, dropping the old houses and barns that had predominated her earlier work, and moved into the abstract.  Other important educational experiences that had an impact on Judy’s artwork include her studies at the Arts Student League with Wil Barnet and in Jerusalem with Itzak Greenfield.

Judy’s first opportunity to work in her own studio came during one of many visits to Israel during the 1980’s.  The trip allowed Judy to spend several months at work without distractions, facing huge blank canvases alone.  Judy fondly recalls her first impressions of Israel, having been deeply affected by the colors, the sky, the buildings and the people.  Her experiences in Israel gave her the freedom to express herself with novel insight, which affected all of her subsequent work.  Judy has designed record album covers, produced educational films, and developed slide tape presentations.

Continuing to nurture other artists after retirement from teaching, Judy has been satisfied spending a lifetime learning and working. Up until this year, she has maintained a studio in Hightstown, NJ where she has continued to mentor other artists.