The Janitzo Project
November 15, 2006 – January 24, 2007

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Luis Márquez Romay (1899-1978) is best known for his photographs of Mexican culture which depict everyday people in traditional dress, performing the routine activities of a fading way of life. These photographs from 1922-1934, focus specifically on the people of Janitzio, the enchanted island in lake Pátzcuaro, in Michoacán, México. It is interesting to note that while the majority of Luis Márquez’s original prints have not survived, his personal collection of negatives has only recently been discovered in the Márquez family house. Over 11,000 Luis Márquez negatives are currently located at the National University in Mexico City (UNAM), in the Manuel Toussaint Photography Archive at the Institute of Aesthetic Investigation. Under the direction of our guest curator, Ernesto Peñaloza Méndez, the 36 reproductions in this show have been printed at the Archive using the traditional photographic techniques from the early twentieth century. Also included are six vintage prints that were originally shown at the New York World’s Fair in (1939-40).

The Janitzio Project: Photographs by Luis Márquez Romay, is featured at the Kean University Art Gallery from November 15, 2006 through January 24, 2007. This exhibition is part of an exchange with UNAM. Concurrently UNAM is hosting an exhibition from the Kean University art collection. Victorian New Jersey: Photographs of Guillermo Thorn (1837-1920) is on view at the Palacio de la Autonomia in the historic district of Mexico City. This beautiful museum gallery is housed in a 17th Century building, complete with a glass floor under which ancient Mexican ruins can be seen. On September 25, 2006 the exhibition opening inaugurated the annual University Museums and Collections (UMAC) conference, associated with the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Through this exhibition exchange Kean University continues to build on its commitment to education and the arts on a global level.

Neil Tetkowski
Director of University Galleries