BFA Thesis Exhibtiion
March 30 - April 8, 2011



Confronting Falsehoods, handmade paper casting, honesuckle vine, wood and wax

Artist Statement:

I have always felt a strong emotional and physical connection to the materials I use and the work I produce. The natural fibers, organic pods and vessels, wax and found objects are all alive with a sort of narrative of their own. The experience of working for long hours with my hands, manipulating and forming, is an exhilarating process and allows for a dialogue of sorts to exist between my art and myself. Consequently there is a sense of touch and movement that is alive within the works that entices a desire to feel and experience the art in a more intuitive way.

This current body of work is an ongoing exploration into the relationship between cultural expectations, social norms and individual identity. All the work is in some way inspired by personal reflection and understanding, however it is a communal experience meant to elicit a response or raise self-awareness within the viewer. I try to avoid a specific personal narrative in the sculptures for this very purpose. The works are not meant to inform the viewer about the artist but rather about themselves as women and as a society.

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-Marta Kepka