November 2 - December 20, 2010

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Kean University is pleased to present the work of artist Nancy Cohen. At mid-career, Cohen freely combines materials that seem to be unrelated, and some of her choices may appear at first glance to be random, but the initiated observer will delight in this unique opportunity to engage in truly creative and original art that celebrates polar worlds of order and chaos.

The current one-person exhibition entitled Nancy Cohen: Permeable Matter is featured at Kean University’s Karl and Helen Burger Gallery from November 2 through December 20, 2010. Wall sculpture, hanging sculpture, pedestal sculpture, and handmade paper works from 2006 through 2010 are the focus of the show, which begins with a large-scale installation, Perspectives on Salinity: River from Within, whose huge paper elements fill the expansive windows of the gallery. This environmental work references the estuary of the nearby Hudson River and its contrast to the intense urban environment of Jersey City, where the artist lives and works.

Nancy Cohen creates objects that often bear the work of her hands and make reference to traditional craft techniques, such as crochet, paper making, and glass art. The human touch is revealed in these surreal creations. Intimate engagement with this artwork reveals elements of surprise and mystery; elegant beauty arises from the most unlikely relationships of diverse materials and textures. Within this wide range of expression, the artist consistently makes reference to her cultural, familial, artistic, and scientific influences. Cohen’s way of working is tangible; it is physical and clearly challenges the increasingly digital world we live in. To fully grasp the work one is tempted to touch.

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Neil Tetkowski
Gallery Director

Up from Under, 2008, Aqua-Resin, metal, glass, handmade paper, monofilament, 12 x 36 x 6 inches