Photographic Documentary Exhibit by Ryan Spencer Reed
In Conjunction with the Holocaust Resource Center and the Jewish Studies Program
March 26 - May 9, 2008

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These Images Have Voices
An image becomes powerful only after it is given an audience. Ryan Spencer Reed’s photo-documentation of the ravaging effects of genocide in Sudan speaks loudly. His artwork sheds light on global issues by capturing them on a human level in a way that simple statistics never can. To witness demands a response. Yet as an ever-shrinking world groans for greater involvement, the responsibilities of our day-to-day lives seem to take precedence. Many of us are unfortunately inhibited from responding to the extent we would like. Occasionally, however, we are given the chance to empower those who shape a window to a world we would otherwise not see.

The continuation of Ryan Spencer Reed’s work is completely dependent on donations and income generated through exhibitions and print sales. You can support Mr. Reed’s work by visiting his website Your support is vital to sustaining and expanding the sphere of influence of this project.

Ryan Spencer Reed’s determination has brought forth a view of the plight of the Sudanese, yielding an opportunity for your voice to be heard. To assist further documentation of this ongoing critical affair, and in an attempt to provide a forum of knowledge-based information, this set of images currently tours educational venues across the United States. The importance of the exposure of this work cannot be overstated.

Kean University is pleased to present the work of Ryan Spencer Reed in the CAS Gallery from March 26th through May 9th, 2008. It is our sincere hope that the presence of this marvelous exhibition will act as a catalyst to initiate dialogue, elevate consciousness and ultimately help each individual come to terms with their own relationship to the greater human family in all corners of the globe.



Neil Tetkowski
Director of University Galleries