November 2 - November 26, 2010



"The works in this exhibit focus on childhood memory and dream. Sometimes memory and dream overlap to suggest the ambiguity of reality. The memories and dreams are rooted in my experiences growing up in a large family. In my mind the word “memory” is interchangeable with the word “episode”. Sometimes the memories might re-visit a recent event, but still maintain the theme of childhood memory and dream with images from the faint past. My mom had 8 of us with a grocery list in her hands. My father hung on, praying the house wouldn’t keel over from the weight of another bill or bag of diapers. The theme of childhood memory and dream travels through the rooms of the house I grew up in, random places my family visited and re-visited, and the passageways in my subconscious pillow existence. Due to my family’s upbringing in a Baptist church some of the images examine Judeo-Christian iconography. Images suggesting any scrap of faith have a tendency to show up in the art as a symbol of dusty belief. The questions of God are still in me, just not “in your face” or obtrusive.

In most of the works I tried to paint like a child by laying down flat strokes, thick paint, and primary colors. At the same time, however, technical devices such as line quality and shadow are still important. As part of the process I looked through boxes of old drawings from childhood to study my anterior line and understanding of space. This helped me regress and absorb old wrinkled memories and somewhat resurface them, sometimes blurry or fuzzy.  The works are autobiographical, sometimes fiction, but all-in-all visual accounts from an outworn memory box where dream and episode intersect and have a cup of coffee."

-Daniel Brophy, Kean Alum