October 6 - October 27, 2010

The concept of ‘non-objective painting’ and the idea of ‘non-objective composition’ have been the underlying concerns of my art for many years.  I have evolved my interest in non-objective composition from the inherent abstraction in music, especially western classical music, and from my childhood impressions of nature at Chiri Mountain, Korea.   As a child born and growing up until I was six in a small mountain village called Sanchung in Korea, which is surrounded by many high peaks (1,915 meters at highest) of Chiri Mountain, I developed respect for the mountain, especially for the internal energy of the mountain.  I believe the experience of this majestic mountain in my childhood imbedded in me, made me to be an introspective person and artist. 

When I listen classical music, I deeply appreciate the beautiful harmony of the sounds of many different musical instruments and the ability of the composer to create such music in totally non-objective form.  My ambition to create such music-like painting has grown since my college year (1991-1994) in Korea during my reading of Wassily Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane and Concerning the Spiritual in Art.  I saw the possibility of all the visual elements harmonizing beautifully like in music.  I created my first Symphony in 1993 with oil paint and palette knife on canvas.  After several attempts of curvilinear composition, I shifted to semi geometric composition, and I found that was more suitable for poetical and philosophical composition than musical one.  


Since 2006, I began to create new symphony series using acrylic paint and brushes on the canvas mostly sized of 30”x40”.   I use various curvilinear lines to suggest the movement of sounds. The quality of line is very important to express the different speed, energy, and character of the sounds.  It also plays important role to create the structure of composition.  Color combination is very important to determine the mood of composition.  Being a composer of visual symphony has been a challenging but very attractive task for me.   My goal is to create compositions that communicates with the spectators immediately with pleasing harmony of colors and lines as if listening classical music.


Soonnam Kim Singer
Adjunct Professor