Graduate Management Studies

Executive Option

Core Knowledge in Key Business Disciplines - 18 credits

The core knowledge courses cover the basic functional areas in business. While covering the basic issues in each functional area, each of these courses has a strong emphasis on the global environment. The purpose of the core knowledge courses is to develop analytical competencies, and to relate the specific-skills set associated with the functional areas of business management: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing.

These courses ensure a common body of knowledge, which provide students with a rigorous exposure to the theoretical concepts, analytical techniques, and competencies essential to understanding business and organizational processes in the global environment.

The core knowledge courses are:

ACCT 5010 Accounting for Managers 3 credits
ECO 5020 Managerial Economics 3 credits
FIN 5300 Business Finance 3 credits
MGS 5010 Strategic Management 3 credits
MGS 5110 Quantitative Methods in Management Science*               3 credits
MKT 5400 Marketing Management 3 credits

* PA 5031 Quantitative Methods for Public Management may be substituted for MGS 5110