Graduate Management Studies

Executive Option

Specialized Area - 9 credits

The students are required to take 9 credits in a business area in which they would like to gain profound knowledge. The following are the specialization areas and courses available. Additional specialization areas can be offered, if desired. Students are advised to consult with their faculty advisor.

Management (choose 3 courses)

MGS 5030 Management in Human Resources 3 credits
MGS 5035 Management and Labor Relations in the Global Environment   3 credits
MGS 5040 Introduction to E-Business 3 credits
MGS 5120 Supply Chain Management 3 credits

Accounting (choose 3 courses)

ACCT 5140 Managerial and Cost Accounting 3 credits
ACCT 5190 Law, Ethics and the Professional Accounting Practices       3 credits
ACCT 5250 International Accounting and Taxation 3 credits
ACCT 5280 Accounting and Business Strategy 3 credits

Finance (choose 3 courses)

GMBA 5350 Multinational Financial Management 3 credits    download course outline
GMBA 5360 Foreign Exchange Markets and Financial Institutions           3 credits    download course outline
GMBA 5370 Global Investment Analysis 3 credits    download course outline

Information Management (choose 3 courses)

GMBA 5510 Business Process Innovation & Management 3 credits
GMBA 5520 Global e-Business Strategies    3 credits
GMBA 5530 Enterprise-wide Resource Management 3 credits    download course outline
GMBA 5540 Knowledge Management in the Global Environment 3 credits
GMBA 5550 Seminar- Special topics in Information Management            3 credits

Marketing (choose 3 courses)

MKT 5410 Marketing Research 3 credits
MKT 5420 Consumer Behavior                                                                 3 credits
MKT 5430 Services Marketing 3 credits
MKT 5450 Internet Marketing 3 credits