Graduate Management Studies

MBA in Global Management

Advanced Knowledge in Global Management - 24 credits

These courses are designed to build on the strong foundation of the core knowledge courses. While the core knowledge courses provide the student with a strong base of theories and tools in the various functional areas of business, the advanced knowledge courses are designed to develop the understanding how these theories and tools can be applied in the global business environment.
The advanced knowledge in global management courses are divided into two groups; required courses (18 credits) and elective courses (6 credits).

The required courses (18 credits) are:

GMBA 5065 Global Marketing Strategy 3 credits    download course outline
GMBA 5075 International Management 3 credits    download course outline
GMBA 5660 Ethical and Legal Issues in Operating Globally 3 credits    download course outline
GMBA 5680 Management and Leadership in the Global Environment   3 credits    download course outline
GMBA 5785 Advanced Seminar in Cross-Cultural Management Issues   3 credits    download course outline
GMBA 5885 Strategic Management of Global Information Systems 3 credits    download course outline

The elective courses (6 credits) give the students the opportunity to further broaden their global focus by choosing courses that concentrate on global aspects of business functions that they are interested in and that are not covered in the required courses. Students who have a very particular area of interest are encouraged to explore it by developing and writing a graduate thesis under the supervision of an appropriate faculty member. It is recommended that students consult their academic advisor prior to choosing the elective courses.