Graduate Management Studies

MBA in Global Management

The Kean MBA in Global Management is a unique kind of MBA, one that prepares managers to succeed in a global business environment. The Kean MBA in Global Management is a specialized MBA degree program that offers a wide and deep selection of global-focused courses, experiences, and training in global business issues, problems, and opportunities. In addition, it has an extensive global experience requirement that sets it apart from other programs.

The MBA in Global Management program requires the completion of 42-60 graduate credits depending on an applicant's undergraduate and graduate course work. To receive the degree a student must complete at least 42 graduate credits offered by the MBA in Global Management. The MBA in Global Management program has seven distinctive components that together provide graduates with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to manage multicultural and multinational workforces effectively in a rapidly changing global business environment:

  • Prequalification requirement,
  • Core knowledge in key business disciplines,
  • Advanced knowledge in global management,
  • Global experience,
  • Specialized area,
  • Global business simulation,
  • Second language requirement.

The core courses represent the key business disciplines of Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Economics. Once a student is proficient in these areas, the focus of the program shifts to skills and competencies required to be a successful global manager. In particular, the curriculum aims at developing the student's sensitivity for ethical and cross-cultural issues, and includes a global business simulation game. The global experience component is designed to give students experience in living and working in a global environment. Students can acquire this global experience through participation in a set of activities including study abroad, international business study tours, business internships in foreign countries, and global consulting projects.

The program also requires students to specialize themselves in an area of their choice. Lastly, to be successful in the global marketplace, it is vital for managers to be able to communicate across cultures. One step towards overcoming cultural barriers is learning the language of the potential business partner or/and new workplace. Therefore, Kean's MBA in Global Management program expects all students to demonstrate their proficiency in English as well as in a second language at the time of graduation.

Second Language Requirement

In addition, the MBA program in Global Management expects all students to demonstrate proficiency in a second language at the end of the program ("graduation requirement").
The ability to communicate verbally in a foreign language is central and most important for doing business globally. Since traditional language courses mainly focus on written language skills, they provide no guarantee of a person's ability to communicate verbally in a foreign language. Therefore, the MBA program in Global Management cannot accept the completion of language courses as proof of proficiency in a foreign language.

There are three ways a student can satisfy the Second Language Proficiency requirement for the MBA in Global Management Degree:

i) Enroll in one of the study abroad language immersion programs offered by the GMBA program and pass the language exam with a minimum level of intermediate/ low. The certificates issued by the partners of the GMBA program are accepted as proof of proficiency of a foreign language.

ii) Take an international accredited language test (e.g., the Oral Proficiency Interview offered by Language Testing International) and achieve a minimum level of intermediate/low.

iii) Students whose native language is not English can submit their official TOEFL score reports. A minimum score of 83 on the internet-based test must be achieved as proof of proficiency in a second language.

Please note that this requirement does not involve any course credit, that is, it is only a "graduation requirement". In order to ensure that students find viable ways to gain proficiency in a second language, students are strongly encouraged to consult with the language coordinator of the GMBA program at the beginning of their studies.