Graduate Management Studies

MBA in Information Management

Information technologies have become an essential component of today's business operation and are one important driving force of increased globalization. The MBA program in the Information Management is designed to prepare a new generation of technology savvy business leaders, which modern businesses have a thirst for. The MBA-IM program targets two categories of prospective students:

1) business professionals/students with strong interest in information technologies,
2) IT professionals/students who want to improve their business knowledge and want to advance their career with an MBA degree relevant to their profession. The program emphasizes developing a mix of solid business skills and technology analysis skills. It is designed to give students important managerial and technological knowledge to succeed in new global economy on IT-enabled platform. Students in this new option program will plan their careers in managerial positions requiring a mix of solid business skills and technology analysis/implementation skills.

Program Requirements

  • 42-60 credits depending on an applicant's undergraduate and graduate coursework
  • Second-language proficiency (exit requirement verified by examination)