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MBA in Global Management Program

A survey of Fortune 500 companies found there is a strong conviction among top managers that having competent global leaders is the most important factor in business success. About 85% of the executives indicated that their corporations did not have an adequate number of global leaders.

Kean University has responded to this shortage of global managers with a new kind of MBA, the Master of Business Administration in Global Management program. The seven distinctive components of the Kean University MBA Global Management program together provide graduates with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the complexities of today's global business environment.

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Executive Option

The Kean university Executive option is designed for working mid-level managers and executives with substantial business experience. It is an accelerated MBA in Global Management with a strong focus on leadership, technology and professional networking. The Executive Option builds on the current knowledge and skills of the manager/student while testing the latest business strategy, finance, marketing and product development techniques. Case studies are used extensively throughout the program. The emphasis is on acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today's ever-changing global business world and to effectively manage a multicultural workforce.

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