Our Mission

With nearly 50% of the earth's human population now living in urban settings, physical, life and social scientists are faced with challenges that require new paradigms and partnerships. The Institute for Urban Ecosystem Studies (IUES) at Kean University is a diverse alliance of scholars united by a common interest in the interactions between people and nature in New Jersey and a shared concern for environmental and human health.

The mission of IUES is consistent with the overall mission of the Kean University. For the diverse student population of the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences, the faculty and staff of IUES are committed to providing education and services that will heighten their awareness and concern for the dependence of human health on a functioning ecosystem. The goal is to prepare students to think critically and creatively so that they can adapt to changing social, economic and technological conditions, particularly as they pertain to urban ecosystems.


College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Chemistry-Physics

Department of Computer Science

Department of Geology and Meteorology

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Department of Occupational Theraphy

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