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Dear Friends,

Join us this spring for many wonderful events. Not only will you have the unusual opportunity to hear Michael Walzer, one of the most influential political theorists of our time, on the Middle East; and Timothy Snyder, whose Bloodlands has virtually redirected the field of Holocaust studies. You can also attend the Human Rights Institute’s 5th Annual International Conference on women’s rights and programs sponsored by the university’s Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. We offer these great events for free because we believe in the academy’s obligation to inform. To cover costs beyond our direct control we also offer programs at nominal fees, such as courses on an audit basis complementing our programs this spring – two on the Middle East and two on the Holocaust era – and a series of off-campus lectures on modern Jewish culture starting in late January (see Upcoming Events).

For the ambitious and committed, the MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies provides extraordinary enrichment and possibilities. Some 19 interdisciplinary courses taught by talented faculty in mentoring roles explore genocide in comparative perspective. This is a unique degree program – only one of three of its kind in the United States, distinguished by its proximity to the center of the human rights movement in New York City. Indeed, degree candidates can elect a dual masters degree, pending final agreement, by studying human rights at the University of Leicester School of Law, just outside London. The key date related to this program also takes place in the spring: June 1 is the application deadline for graduate students entering the program in the fall. I invite you to inquire about this opportunity as well as our Jewish Studies programs by emailing me.

I look forward to seeing you this spring.

Dr. Dennis Klein

Director, Jewish Studies Program