2013 Summer Institute

Applications and information on KUWP's 2013 Summer Institute are available. Click for the application form and information and for information on a day in the life of a summer institute.

2013 Teachers Teaching Teachers PD Day

Workshops will take place on April 20 (9 am - 3 pm) and include:

  • Using mentor texts to empower writers
  • Non-fiction for informational writing with the CCSS
  • Reading group chapter discussion on "Growing up writing"
  • Digital CCSS
  • Determining importance in text to improve reading and open-ended response
  • And more!

Email for more information and click here for the application form   

Ferris High School Mini Conference

KUWP held "Ferris High School Mini Conference: Pedagogical Strategies for Writing Across the Disciplines" on Wednesday (Feb 1). Sessions included

  • "Jumpstarting the Five Paragraph Essay" by Kim Kiefer
  • "Round Robin Writing" by Ruth Griffith
  • "Responding to Student Writing" by Mark Sutton
  • "Writing about the Self" by Gail Verdi
  • "Notes on Teaching Writing" by Charles Nelson

Rahway High School Celebrates National Day on Writing

Rahway High School celebrates National Day on Writing. Organized by Kim Kiefer, KUWP Teacher Co-Director and Rahway School Coordinator, Rahway's National Day on Writing was recognized by the National Writing Project and NJ Today.

Kean Celebrates Third Annual Day on Writing

For the third consecutive year, Kean students, faculty and staff joined thousands of writers throughout the nation to celebrate the National Day on Writing. “We hosted two successful celebrations in honor of this important date in the past, but the third year was our best yet,” said Erica Holan, assistant to the director for the Kean University Writing Project, which helped to coordinate the event.

writing2To highlight writing in its various forms, a series of seminars and workshops were held in the Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success. Click here for a full listing of the events held.

In The Writing Center, guests were invited to write a message on a wall of paper celebrating the art of expression through writing. Adjacent to the writing wall was a journal that told “a rolling story,” written one sentence at a time by each member of the Writing Center staff. Guests were welcomed to write their own unique sentence and continue the ongoing tale.

The celebration also extended online, as guests were invited to pick pieces of writing that personally matter to them and contribute them to the Kean University Writing Project Gallery, a part of the National Gallery of Writing. Hosted by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the national gallery celebrates composition in all its forms and demonstrates how integral writing has become to daily life in the 21st century.

What I love about the National Gallery of Writing is how accessible it is. The fact that everyone across the country can celebrate writing by posting to the gallery, any time, day or night, is fantastic! - Erica Holan

writing6Holan added that she and curator Dr. Charles Nelson welcome writing submissions to the Kean University 
Writing Gallery year round. In addition to traditional forms of writing, participants are encouraged to submit writing in any form, including, but not limited to, poems, stories, vignettes, song lyrics, recipes, six-word memoirs, letters, blog posts, audio and video recordings, and any other form of writing that appeals to them. “The possibilities are endless!” exclaimed Holan. “In the advent of new literacies and new technologies, text is taking on various forms that students may not even consider ‘writing.’  It's important to celebrate this change in ‘writing’ or ‘composing’ texts.  The National Day on Writing celebrates texts in all its various forms.”

The National Day on Writing was sponsored by the departments of English, Education and Communication; the Office of the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences; the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs; Tenure Track Faculty Network, and the Center for Professional Development.

2012 Invitational Summer Institute 

KUWP staff are currently planning the schedule and activities for the 2012 Invitational Summer Institute.  Information on the program and the application process, including the application form and guidelines, will be available no later than December 1, 2011, on this website.  Prior to that date, interested parties should contact Linda Best, Director, at or (908 737 0377) for additional information and to be placed on the distribution list for applications when available.

3rd Annual National Day of Writing

The Kean University Writing Project (KUWP), in cooperation with the National Writing Project, and the National Council for the Teaching of English, held our 3rd Annual Day on Writing Celebration on Thursday, October 20, 2011. (For more information on the events, see our flyer.)

Lunch with Luis Rodriguez

On October 4, 2011, twenty-seven KUWP Teacher-Consultants, supporters from the external community, and KUWP staff enjoyed a visit with poet, writer, and activist Luis Rodriguez.  Part of the University's Issues 2011 Series, the event coincided with the release of the author's newly-released provocative memoir, It Calls You Back:  An Odyssey through Love, Addiction, Revolutions, and Healing.  Participants enjoyed lunch with the author as well as his moving presentation about his life and work, and they each received a signed copy of the aforementioned work. (See the flyer on the event.)

On visiting Kean after New York City, Luis Rodriguez, on his blog, wrote:

"The next day, I traveled to Kean University in New Jersey to address more than 500 students, faculty, administrators, teachers in the National Writing Center, and community. What a great audience I had—they were engaged and their questions were right on."

Teachers Teaching Teachers Event: Unprecedented Participation and an Overwhelming Success!

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, the Kean University Writing Project hosted its first Annual Spring Professional Development event "Teachers Teaching Teachers:  A Day of Conversations, Practices, Sharing, Readings, and Writing about Writing in the Classroom."  More than 70 educational professionals came together to participate in workshops focusing on the intricacies of writing in the K-16 classroom setting.  Kean University Writing Project teacher fellows Marie Meriton, Lisa Bottone, Pat Kranz, MonaRae Stokes, Pam Westry-Rodgers, Kim Kiefer, Kathy Bentley, and Sue Kenney hosted the eight interactive workshops offered to attendees.  Participants were delighted with the selection of sessions offered, almost to a fault – "Please don’t make us choose next time!  I want to attend them all!" Post-event praise ran high among participants: "[T]his past weekend [event] has truly inspired me…I even started to implement some of the techniques in my classroom [the following Monday] morning!"  Teachers Teaching Teachers event organizer Mark Sutton adds with heartfelt thanks to all of Saturday’s participants, "I heard nothing but compliments on the quality of the sessions and the chances for people to talk. The day was a perfect representation of what NWP should be: teachers helping each other become better teachers.  [The teachers] should all be proud of the part [they] played in that."     

The Kean University Writing Project (KUWP) is a regional site of the National Writing Project (NWP), a federally funded organization that provides professional development services to teachers throughout the United States.  There are over 200 sites in the NWP network.  The Kean University Writing Project takes its mission seriously:  To provide high quality professional development services, in accordance with the National Writing Project’s "teachers teaching teachers" model of inservice delivery.  Teachers are the heart of this organization.  

KUWP Director Linda Best on the inclusion of teacher fellows delivering workshops during professional development events such as the one held on April 2nd: "Teachers from the region who participate in KUWP programming are the future of this important site.  Their outreach, both in the classroom and to colleagues, extends our mission, enhancing the teaching of writing and offering the promise of success for the diverse student populations we serve.  In the short time since earning the status as an approved site of the National Writing Project, KUWP has distinguished itself—through the work of its teacher-consultants--both regionally and nationally in programming like the successful event they ran on April 2nd."

The Kean University Writing Project offers professional development to schools and districts year round.  Teachers are invited to apply to the site’s Invitational Summer Institute (ISI), hosted annually in July.  Participation in the ISI entitles graduates of the program to all the benefits of becoming a KUWP teacher fellow, including the opportunity to host workshops like those discussed above.  For more information, call (908) 737-0377 or visit us at our website,

Submit to the KUWP Literary Magazine

Kean University Writing Project is starting its own literary magazine. Please see the attached document regarding the kickoff of the Kean University Writing Project Literary Magazine! 

A special thanks to 2008 fellow and Co-Director Kim Kiefer for her efforts with this endeavor! 

Please note submissions are due to Kim no later than June 30, 2011.   All submissions should be sent to

First Issue of KUWP's Newsletter is Here!

KUWP's first issue of its quarterly newsletter is here. Many thanks to Kathy Bentley and Natalia Galante in their efforts to bring our first issue out. And thanks, too, to our contributors!

Application Deadline for Summer Institute Extended

The deadline for applying to the Summer Institute has been extended to May 2, 2011. Click to get the application form.

April 2 Seminar Deadline Extended

The deadline for registering for the April 2 Seminar on Writing in the Classroom has been extended to March 29. Download the new registration form here.

Update on Open House

The Open House tomorrow (March 3) will be in CAS 205, beginning at 4:00 pm.

April Seminar on Writing in the Classroom

On April 2, 2011, KUWP will hold a professional development seminar: "A Day of Conversations, Practices, Sharing, Readings, and Writing about Writing in the Classroom." 

This seminar features the Teacher-Consultants of the Kean University Writing Project (KUWP) as they share the creative work they do in their classrooms, much of it inspired and refined through their experiences at the KUWP’s Invitational Summer Institute. Concurrent sessions will feature interactive displays of classroom practice, conversations across levels on pedagogical theory and research, orientation to the National Writing Project’s core values, and chances for attendees to create their own writing. All of these activities will provide opportunities for an intertwined and systematic examination of theory, research, and practice. Participants will have the chance to apply for this year’s Invitational Summer Institute on site.

Teachers, administrators, literacy coaches, and other types of educators from all levels and all subjects are welcome!

See the Registration Form and "Save the Date Info for Principals.

KUWP Newsletter Starting Up

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the KUWP,

I hope that this greeting finds you well. As always the KUWP remains dynamic. We are embarking on a new journey and hope you will join us. We will be creating a quarterly newsletter, which will be published on the 15th of March, June, September, and January. Its purpose will be to share what we are doing in our classrooms and schools and to have an opportunity to grow as authors by publishing our writing and sharing our successes.

These are proposed topics to be included in the newsletter. However it is meant to be ours, so if there is something that you would like to include, please do so. I hope that you will consider submitting an article or idea for one of the following sections of the newsletter:

  • Classroom Connection – language arts based activities/innovations that you are implementing in your classroom or school; share what is working for you and for your students
  • Writer’s Block – personal/professional writing of any genre that you would like to share; it could be something current or something that you are now ready to share
  • Announcements – upcoming activities/events that KUWP fellows and friends may be interested in attending
  • Reader’s Corner – share what you are reading; a literary critique of a book or article
  • KUWP Link – talk about any programs that you have attended as a result of your participation with KUWP for example, conferences, workshops, or special events as a way of sharing what you learned
  • Literary Resources – share information such as websites, programs, research, and technology that others may also find useful

All submissions are welcome. The deadline for submitting materials for the first issue will be Friday, February 25th. Please e-mail all submissions to If you would like your name published with your submission, please indicate that along with your connection to the KUWP. If you would like to remain anonymous, let me know that as well, so that your name is not included.

The success of our newsletter depends on your participation. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions or suggestions.

With best wishes for 2011,
Kathy Bentley
KUWP Fellow 2009

Wrapping Up a Semester of Professional Development

This semester, KUWP hosted workshops on professional development and writing, including:

  • 2-day workshop on Expository Writing
  • workshop: Responding to Student Writing and Open Forum
  • workshop: Writing about the Self Analytically
  • workshop: Round Robin Writing

Schools and districts interested in Professional Development programming should contact Linda Best (, 908-737-0377).

KUWP & National Day on Writing Reported in The Cougar's Byte

Strawberry Gallagher reported on Kean University's celebration of the National Day on Writing on October 20, 2010, in The Cougar's Byte today. As she concluded,

"Writing has different forms, different formats and different purposes but has one common function, it brings people together. When we read quotations, novels, poetry and other forms of literature, society can relate and not feel as they are alone in their struggles of love, heart break, disappointment and despair. It has played several different roles in people's lives as well as throughout history. Dr. Best could not have put it better 'Everyone has something to say' and it needs to be said. The National Day of Writing not only embodies the purpose of writing but it gives people the opportunity to express how they feel liberally."

Franklin School Participates in National Day on Writing

New Jersey Today reports on Franklin School participating in the National Day on Writing. The students, grades 1-5, wrote about Benjamin Franklin and what it would be like for him to live in the 21st century.

Professional Development News

The Kean University Writing Project is currently delivering a year-long PD program at one high school in the region and ongoing PD planning/events to an additional local school as well as two regional districts.  Schools and districts interested in PD programming should contact Linda Best (, 908-737-0377).

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