April Seminar on Writing in the Classroom

On April 2, 2011, KUWP will hold a professional development seminar: "A Day of Conversations, Practices, Sharing, Readings, and Writing about Writing in the Classroom." 

This seminar features the Teacher-Consultants of the Kean University Writing Project (KUWP) as they share the creative work they do in their classrooms, much of it inspired and refined through their experiences at the KUWP’s Invitational Summer Institute. Concurrent sessions will feature interactive displays of classroom practice, conversations across levels on pedagogical theory and research, orientation to the National Writing Project’s core values, and chances for attendees to create their own writing. All of these activities will provide opportunities for an intertwined and systematic examination of theory, research, and practice. Participants will have the chance to apply for this year’s Invitational Summer Institute on site.

Teachers, administrators, literacy coaches, and other types of educators from all levels and all subjects are welcome!

See the Registration Form and "Save the Date Info for Principals.

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