inexpensive as domestic calling. Because of the Internet’s revolutionary impact, Professor Hiraoka developed a new course MGS 3045 Commercial Development of the Internet which will be offered in the Spring and Fall of 2007:

Commercial Development of the Internet

FALL 2007 Thurs. at 5 p.m. - 7:40 p.m.

SPRING 2008 Mon. & Wed. 11:00-12:20 p.m. (Management and International Business majors can use this course as a Major Elective)

Dr. Hiraoka also authored the text of the course Underwriting the Internet: How Technical Advances, Financial Engineering, and Entrepreneurial Genius Are Building the Information Highway. The paperback edition is available in the Bookstore for $31 and used copies can be purchased for half-price at online booksellers like

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In living color is a digital photo taken in Honolulu - Dr. Leslie S. Hiraoka was born - at the site of the 2006 Hawaii International Conference on Business where he presented a paper on the “Development of India’s Outsourced Software Industry.” Outsourcing has become one of the most important aspects of international business and India - along with China - is a huge emerging market for U.S. trade and investments. Global commerce was facilitated by the Internet Revolution which made communications and information transmission to Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe,and Africa as convenient and